Monsoon Estates has a shiny new roasting machine!  They have retired their old Toper and invested in a new Probat.  We are looking forward to some great new coffee from their great new machine!

News from Monsoon “Things to look out for this year”:

“Look out for Indian Gems of Araku. We’ve had a trial run with this and will roll it out soon. Fairtrade and organically grown by small community farmers in the Araku Valley of India. Sweet, nutty, and slightly figggy!

Sumatra Mandheling. Have taken delivery of this but haven’t tried it yet. Looking for deep, rich chocolaty flavours. Usually a good one for milk.

Colombian La Esperanza Red Bourbon honey processed. Trying desperately to get more of this. Had a really small lot and was so divine it got used up really quickly! A very special and more expensive coffee but amazing, a must try. Think I can get my hands on it around March time.

Dry processed Ethiopians are a big favourite here at Monsoon. We presently have Rocko Mountain on the webshop. When this comes to an end it will be replaced with Aramo, another tooty fruity beauty.
Another new one is Dumerso. Only roasted one batch so far but full of promise!