Adderbury Food Market was delighted to be able to donate £200 to the Sarnelli Orphanage.  Virginia and Di of Smart Cookies cook and serve delicious hot meals every month at our Market.  The profit made from their meals all goes to the Orphanage.  We are pleased to be able to make our contribution to this good cause.

The photo is of children helping with the rice harvest at Jomps Farm.  In 2016 Smart Cookies managed to raise £2000 profit from their eat-in/takeaway suppers at the Adderbury Community Market.  This money is going straight to Sarnelli Orphanage in Northern Thailand, where Jomps Farm is situated.  Sarnelli is home to 156 children presently, most of whom have or are affected by the AIDS/HIV virus. It’s actually a wonderful, happy place and the children are really lucky to be there.  By raising money for land for the farm, named after Virginia’s late son, the orphanage is now self-sufficient in rice, chickens, pigs and fish farms. The older boys work the land, and all the children get involved in planting and harvesting the rice – this last season has been particularly good and they have had surplus rice to sell, so now they are building up a herd of cattle and buying some new machinery.


“I’m very proud of what we have achieved in Jomps name at Sarnelli, and enjoy cooking my monthly fundraising suppers at our community market, so thank you from me and from all the children for your support and donations.”  Virginia Yip,  Smart Cookies